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Something Beautiful: The Sinéad O'Connor Theology Conversation promo album

2Something Beautiful
3[Sinéad on the motivations behind creating Theology, and why she recorded the same songs with different production in Dublin and London. Also, how Curtis Mayfield's We People Who Are Darker Than Blue fits into Theology]7:03
4We People Who Are Darker Than Blue3:56
Dublin sessions
5[Did growing up in Ireland make O'Connor spiritually introspective at a young age? Also, chat about her recent scripture studies]2:27
London sessions
7[[Something Beautiful: The Sinéad O'Connor Theology Conversation ID]0:40
8[Sinéad talks about Psalm 33, making music again after retiring, keeping Theology cool, and the song Dark I Am Yet Lovely]4:46
9Dark I Am Yet Lovely4:11
Dublin sessions
10[Ms. O'Connor on her domestic situation, and her cover of I Don't Know How to Love Him]2:17
11I Don't Know How to Love Him
12[The non-aggressive attitude of Theology is discussed, and whether her newfound peacefulness has led to any regrets]2:06
13Whomsoever Dwells2:53
Dublin sessions
14[The meaning of the Psalm that inspired Whomsoever Dwells is explained, as well as "Jah"]2:34
15The Glory of Jah4:56
London sessions
16[[Something Beautiful: The Sinéad O'Connor Theology Conversation ID]0:40
17[How Sinéad's relationship with the press led to her retirement. Also, the specific artists who inspired her to use her fame for a purpose, and, finally, how she came to rewrite the spiritual Rivers of Babylon]4:05
18Rivers of Babylon2:36
Dublin sessions edit
21[Is Theology an anti-war record?]0:56
22[Why have you thought about making an album like this since you were a child?]1:15
23[Why did you decide to record 2 CDs of the same songs, with different versions cut in Dublin and London?]1:26
24[How does Curtis Mayfield's composition We People Who Are Darker Than Blue fit into the Theology concept?]1:48
25[Did growing up amidst the strife in Ireland make you spiritually introspective at a young age?]0:56
26[When did Sinéad decide to un-retire and make music again?]1:23
27[Does she regret ripping up the Pope's picture on national television?]0:18
28[Why did she stop talking to the press and retire temporarily?]0:53
29[Who inspired you to use your celebrity to affect change?]0:56
30Something Beautiful5:29
Dublin sessions
31Something Beautiful5:15
London sessions

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2007.06.26US CD

Koch KOC-SA-4237

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