Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“[Why did she stop talking to the press and retire temporarily?]”

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Something Beautiful: The Sinéad O'Connor Theology Conversation promo album


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I guess that's why I retired, really, in that I wanted to get back and find a sense of myself as an ordinary person and find out who I am, as opposed to what this image of me was that was being portrayed by media, even to me, and my experience of doing interviews was that, you know, nine times out of ten, people really want to treat you badly and ask you a lot of prejudice, and misrepresent you, you know, to the point where you end up depressed, you end up wanting to kill yourself, like I was literally suicidal for some years. So many people were getting the wrong end of the stick about me altogether and wanted the wrong end of the stick, and didn't want to actually see things the right way, you know, and so, you know, I really needed to come away from that and find my value, do you know, 'cause it was really a desperate situation I felt I was in, you know?

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