Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“[Who inspired you to use your celebrity to affect change?]”

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Something Beautiful: The Sinéad O'Connor Theology Conversation promo album


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Well, all my life, I mean, the first voice that I remember hearing as a baby, and I remember being a baby (babies experience the world through their years. They can't see anything; they're just lying around, they don't know what's going on; they hear things), and the first thing I remember hearing was John Lennon, you know? The next thing I remember hearing was Johnny Cash, right? So, you know, all the people that my mother and father were listening to, they were all protest singers, so I grew up in an, eh, we're listening to musicals and everything else as well, but the chief, big capo to di capies, were the guys that were actually standing for something, and they didn't, they weren't just singing so they could be famous and meet lots of girls, though I'm sure that was an aside, but you know what I mean? They stood for something and they showed that, like John Lennon, in particular, was someone who showed that if you could, you should use your platform to cause as much frickin' trouble as you could possibly cause for the sake of good.

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