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“[When did Sinéad decide to un-retire and make music again?]”

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What happened was, I stopped working in 2003, and, to be honest, I hadn't worked a whole lot before that for a few years, and I'd been focusing full-time on my kids for about six years before that. I had released Sean-Nos Nua, which is a traditional Irish record, but I'd only worked a miniscule amount, you know. I had come out of the rock and pop arena, really, you know, before I retired, and then what happened was I began to really feel the need to go to work again, 'cause in music, especially, your work is your social life, really, so you're not working, you're sitting on your tod, you know. I couldn't bear the sight of the supermarket once more, either, do you know? I did it for six years full-on by myself kind of thing, and it was great, like, but my kids began to beg me to go back to work because they hate my cooking, and so on. So, but I thought to myself, well, how can I work in music? 'Cause if you have such a thing inside you, you would be depressed if you weren't using it, do you know, it would start to work against you, you know, so I asked myself how I could work in music in a way that isn't going to mess me up, because I do find the rock and roll arena a very hard place to cope with; it's not conducive to my nature, you know, and all of that ass-kissing, I find that very difficult to do, and so I've always been a square peg in a round hole in that arena, which is why I kept getting in trouble every time I opened my mouth. But I can't be something I'm not, either. I had this counselor for a while, and she said, "Well, the thing to do is to stick with the knitting," as she put it, you know? So that how can I stick with the kitting, you know, so she said, "'Sticking with the knitting' means you go back to the reason why you're doing the thing in the first place," and I remembered then, well, the reason is because when I was seven or eight, I wanted to make religious records, actually, you know. Somehow, then, as a teenager, I got caught up with the "I want to get laid, so I'll make pop records so guys will want to shag me," do you know what I mean? That's the way it works when you're a teenager, you know? So now it just began to dawn on me that I could work in a different arena, which would actually nurture me, rather than feed on me, and where I wouldn't be a square peg in a round hole, although I suspect I'll get in trouble in that arena, too, 'cause, you know, you have to be really good, don't you, in that arena? But I'm not really good, but I think that arena needs people who are not really good.

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