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“[Is Theology an anti-war record?]”

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Something Beautiful: The Sinéad O'Connor Theology Conversation promo album


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To me, it's really very much an anti-war record. It's very subtle, but that is what it is. It's a reaction, I suppose, to seeing theologies being misinterpreted and used as weapons, if you like, and not to name any particular religion, but, you know, that war that we see going on right now is happening purely because some people interpreted a particular theology in a particular way. So I suppose it's my response to that. I suppose there's a school of thought that one cannot solve political problems, or spiritual problems, rather, with politics; that the problems that we see in the world are not political, but, in fact, spiritual, and trying to solve them with politics is like throwing water in the hull of a sinking boat, so that at some point we have to go back to the question of spirituality if we want to make the world a good place, you know.

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