Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Essential compilation album

3I Want Your (Hands on Me)4:38
4Just Call Me Joe5:51
5I Am Stretched on Your Grave5:33
6Three Babies4:43
7The Emperor's New Clothes5:15
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8Nothing Compares 2 U5:08
9Jump in the River4:12
10The Last Day of Our Acquaintance4:40
11I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got5:46
12Success Has Made a Failure of Our Home4:26
13Don't Cry for Me Argentina5:34
15Black Boys on Mopeds3:53

Catalog Information

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2011.09.13DE CD


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2011.12.26FR CD


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Version notes:

  • This is completely different from the 2005 Essential compilation that was released in Germany and Belgium, even though it, too, contains songs only from Sinéad's first three albums.

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