Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Brian Byrne: “Albert Nobbs” soundtrack album

1Lay Your Head Down4:14
Sinéad O'Connor
2Albert Nobbs Opening Titles5:16
3Albert Counting Money1:52
4Joe Mackins Theme0:36
5Hubert in Albert's Bed1:10
6Joe Fixes the Boiler1:11
7Hubert Reveal0:50
8Beginning of the Ball1:28
9Lay Your Head Down (instrumental)2:26
10The Party Quadrille2:04
11Dr. Holloran Talks with Albert2:19
12Albert's Fantasy Store1:31
13Albert Goes to Hubert's House0:44
14Albert Tells His Story1:39
15Albert Shop Fantasy in Carriage0:48
16Helen and Albert in Cafeé1:21
17Albert Counting His Money Again1:16
18The Fever2:17
19Helen Tells Joe0:52
20The Beach1:36
21Helen's Theme2:13
22Helen at Albert's Door1:06
23Dr. Holloran in Albert's Room0:52
24Mrs. Baker Finds the Book0:34
25Albert Nobbs Finale0:04

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2011.12.13US CD

Varese Sarabande 302 067 126 2

Barcode: 030206712629

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