Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Watcher of Men”

Composed by Sinéad O'Connor/Tomlinson

(Source: Theology)

2 versions


Dublin sessions

Theology album


London sessions

Theology album


(Source: Theology)

Why did I not die at birth,
Expire as I came from the womb?
Why were there knees to receive me,
Or breasts to feed me?
Why was I not like babies
Who never saw the light,
Who lie with kings and counsellors,
Who rebuild ruins for themselves?
And where rest
Those whose strength is spent,
Where small and great are alike
And the slave is free of his master?
Oh, watcher of men,
Do U have eyes of flesh?
Is your vision like man?
Are your years the years of man?
U know that I'm not guilty,
And that none can deliver from your hand.
Also U know that U have deeply wronged me, oh,
And U have fenced me in.
You made it so nobody knows me,
And I'm an outsider to them.
When I accused U, U wouldn't speak.
I said U tore up my hope like a tree.
But I spoke without understanding
Of things beyond me, which I did not know.
And now I've heard U with my ears
And I've seen U with my eyes;
Therefore I recant and relent,
Being but dust and ashes.


Why did I not die at birth:

(Job 3.11, KJV) "Why died I not from the womb? Why did I not give up the ghost when I came out of the belly? (12) Why did the knees prevent me? Or why the breasts that I should suck? (13) For now should I have lain still and been quiet, I should have slept: then had I been at rest, (14) With kings and counsellors of the earth, which build desolate places for themselves."


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