Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Sinéad O'Connor on Bob Marley”

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Hi, I'm Sinéad O'Connor, and my favorite artist is [shows her t-shirt] Bob.
I first became aware of him when I was about 14, because my stepsister was really into him, but at that point, I was not interested at all, I just couldn't understand it; I thought it was really boring. She used to play me bits, going "You've got to listen to this!", and I'd go [gestures dismissively] 'cause I was really into, I listened to Bob Dylan at that point.
But I like "Ride Natty Ride," is one of my favorite songs ever written. And "Concrete Jungle," I think, is a really amazing song, "Babylon System," all those kinds of things, "Waiting in Vain," obviously, and all the love songs, but I like "War," I like a lot of the heavily political stuff, the rebellion stuff, "Rasta Man Chant," I love "Jah Live," that whole idea, again, you know, the whole thing that we're all taught that God is dead, as something "over there," that Jesus wasn't a mortal human being, you know, all these lies, basically, which are allowed to *, to make us miserable, but he was brave enough to, you know, smash them.

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