Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Mna na hÉireann (Women of Ireland)”

Composed by Seán Ó Riada

(Source: Ain't Nuthin' But a She Thing)

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(Source: The Sensual World of Kate Bush)

Tá bean in Éirinn a phronnfadh séad damh is mo sháith le n'ól
There's a woman in Ireland who'd give me shelter and my fill of ale.
Is tá bean in Éirinn is ba binne léithe mo rafla ceoil
There's a woman in Ireland who'd prefer my singing to strings being played.
No seinm théid; atá bean in Éirinn is níorbh fhearr léi beo
There's a woman in Ireland who'd prefer me leaping than laid in the clay
Mise ag léimnigh no leagtha i gcré is mo tharr faoi fhód.
and my belly under the sod.
Tá bean in Éirinn a bheadh ag éad liom mur bhfaighinn ach póg
There's a woman in Ireland who'd envy me if I got naught but a kiss
O bhean ar aonach, nach ait an scéala, is mo dhaimh féin leo;
From a woman at a fair, isn't it strange, and the love I have for them.
Tá bean ab fhearr liom no cath is céad dhíobh nach bhfagham go deo
There's a woman I'd prefer more to a battalion, and a hundred of them I will never get,
Is tá cailin spéiriýil ag fear gan Bhearla, dubhgránna cróin.
And an ugly, swarthy man with no English has a beautiful girl.
Tá bean a dearfadh da siýlainn léithe go bhfaighinn an t-ór
There's a woman who would say that if I walked with her I'd get the gold,
Is tá bean 'na léine is fearr a mein no na tainte bó
A woman in night dress whose mien is better than herds of cows,
Le bean a bhuairfeadh Baile an Mhaoir agus clar Thir Eoghann,
With a woman who would deafen Ballymore and the plain of Tyrone.
Is ní fhaicim leigheas ar mo ghalar féin ach scaird a dh'ól.
And I see no cure for my disease but to give up the drink.

Produced by Phil Coulter

(Source: Ain't Nuthin' But a She Thing)


(Source: Ain't Nuthin' But a She Thing)

Sinéad O'Connor vocals
Phil Coulter harmonium
Frank Gallagher viola , low whistle
Noreen O'Donoghue harp


Engineer: Ciaran Byrne. Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin. Sinéad O'Connor appears courtesy of Chrysalis Records Limited.

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