Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Harry Gregson-Williams: “Veronica Guerin” album soundtrack

2 versions: soundtrack, theatrical release & DVD


1One More Day3:15
Sinéad O'Connor
2Dublin 19962:49
5The Killing5:07
7Traynor Lies2:08
8The Beating4:24
10First Warning1:13
11Bad News5:58
Brian O'Donnell
12Second Warning2:25
14Never Show Your Fear1:23
15The Funeral2:24
Sinéad O'Connor

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2003.07.07UK CD


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jewel case
2003.09.01DE CD

Hollywood (Warner)

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jewel case
2003.09.23US CD

Hollywood 2061-62398-2

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jewel case
2004.05.12JP CDView listing on Amazon Amazon

theatrical release & DVD

1The Attacks of the Devil
2Opening Credits / Into Their World
3Human Interest
4The Coach
5A Quiet Life
6A Vast Conspiracy
7A Visitor
8The Latest Candidate
9A Life Under Threat
10Pressing the Investigation
11Meeting John Gilligan
12An Offer Refused
13Clearing Things Up
14The Naas Road
16Funeral Song7:31
Sinéad O'Connor
This is both "The Funeral" and "One More Day" back to back, plus a two-minute instrumental coda.
Parting / End Credits

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2004.03.16US DVD

Touchstone 32056

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