Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Various Artists: Ultimate Remixes compilation album

1Silence (DJ Tiësto in Search of Sunrise remix)8:07
2I Just Died In Your Arms (Adrima remix)6:14
3Troy (The Phoenix From the Flame)
Sinéad O'Connor
4Mushroom Therapy (Armin Van Buren's Precious remix)5:52
Mark Otten
5Synaesthesia (Ferry Corsten remix)6:21
The Thrillseekers
6Flesh (Perfecto remix)3:42
A Split Second
7Back To Cali (Push remix)6:39
Mauro Picotto
8Magic Nights (My Bloody Valentine remix)1:15
The Pastels
9Funktional (Jon Carter remix)6:38
Mekon - D
10Straight Laid Out (DJ Feelgood remix)5:57
11Fall Into Me (DJ Icey remix)4:42
DJ Micro
12Relax (Jason's Come Back to the Club remix)7:01
DJ Keoki
13Spasmolytic (Deftones Habitual Mix)4:30
Skinny Puppy

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2005.02.22US CD

Organica OG 3600

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