Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Radio Riddler: Purple Reggae tribute album

1Let's Go Crazy4:34
Radio Riddler feat. Suggs
2Take Me with U4.33
Radio Riddler feat. Deborah Bonham
3The Beautiful Ones4:23
Radio Riddler feat. Frank Benbini
4Computer Blue4:06
Radio Riddler feat. Naim Cortazzi
5Darling Nikki4:00
Radio Riddler feat. Frank Benbini
6When Doves Cry6:02
Radio Riddler feat. Citizen Cope
7I Would Die 4 U4:33
8Baby I'm a Star5:16
Radio Riddler feat. Beverly Knight
9Purple Rain6:38
Radio Riddler feat. Ali Campbell

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2015.09.28US CD

Mita MITACD003

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2015.09.28US CD

Mita MITACD003

track listing on the back
2020.03.10WW DDBandcamp
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