Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Elaine Paige: Elaine Paige: Elaine Paige and Friends album

1Mi Morena (feat. John Secada)5:09
2Take a Bow (feat. Idina Menzel)5:14
3The Prayer (feat. Barry Manilow)4:22
4Just the Way You Are (feat. Paul Anka)5:33
5Closest Thing to Crazy (feat. LeAnn Rimes)4:11
6Where Is the Love (feat. John Barrowman)3:42
7It's Only Life (feat. Sinéad O'Connor)4:11
8You Are Everything (feat. Billy Ocean)3:14
9It Might Be You (feat. Johnny Mathis)4:45
10Amoreuse (feat. Olivia Newton-John)4:07
11Make it With You (feat. Neil Sedaka)3:55
12All the Way (feat. Michael Bolton)3:36
13Thank You for Being a Friend (feat. Dionne Warwick)5:01

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2010.11.01UK CD

Rhino 5249828742

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jewel case
CD front, UK
CD booklet 2-3, UK
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CD booklet 6-7, UK
CD booklet 8-9, UK
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CD disc, UK
2010.11.01UK DD


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256kbps AAC
2011.02.11TW CD

Warner Bros. 5249828742
jewel case + obi
Made in the EU.
2011.03.29US CD

Rhino Mod (?)

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jewel case?
2011.03.29US DD


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