Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“My Lagan Love”

Traditional, arranged by Sinéad O'Connor/Dónal Lunny/Alan Branch/A. Maxwell/Steve Wickham/Professor Stretch/Lockett

(Source: My Lagan Love)

6 versions


My Lagan Love” promo single
Sean-Nós Nua album
Sean-Nós Nua promo sampler

4:25 radio edit

My Lagan Love” promo single


live at Vicar Street, Dublin

She Who Dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High Shall Abide Under the Shadow of the Almighty album


music video

Goodnight, Thank You, You've Been a Lovely Audience DVD



4:03 edit

My Lagan Love” promo single


(Source: Sean-Nós Nua)

Where Lagan stream sing lullabies
There blows a lily fair.
The twilight gleam is in her eye,
The night is on her hair.
And, like a love sick leannán sí,
She hath my heart in thrall.
No life have I, no liberty,
For love is lord of all.
And often when the beetle's horn
Has lulled the eye to sleep,
I steal into her shieling lorn,
And through the doorway creep.
There on the crickets' singing-stone
She makes the bogwood fire,
And sings in sweet and undertone,
The song of heart's desire.


Liner notes

For me, this is a song about love and sex. It's certainly one of the sexiest songs I have ever heard. Obviously it's a love song, but, for me, it also has political undertones. The Lady represents Ireland and the song itself has a defiant ring to it. It was written in a time when it was against the law to write obviously about Ireland. So the poets and songwriters would refer to Ireland as a beautiful woman. And to their love of Ireland and their desire for its freedom, as being akin to the sexual love and desire for a woman who is compared with the land. She is a lily made of the twilight, the night and of magic. She is Ireland.

Sinéad O'Connor (Source: Sean-Nós Nua)


(Source: Sean-Nós Nua)

Sinéad O'Connor vocals
Abdullah Chhadeh quanun
Nick Coplowe Hammond
Dónal Lunny acoustic guitar , bouzouki , keyboard , bodhrán , bodhrán bass
Kieran Kelly whistle
Skip McDonald electric guitar
Rob Ó Géibheannaigh flute , strings
Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie drums , bass , piano
Bernard O'Neill acoustic bass
Professor Stretch drum programming , bass programming
Sharon Shannon accordion
Steve Wickham fiddle , mandolin , banjo

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