Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Throw Down Your Arms (deluxe edition) album

Disc 1:

1Jah Nuh Dead3:20
2Marcus Garvey3:28
3Door Peep3:23
4He Prayed3:28
5Y Mas Gan3:49
6Curly Locks4:22
8Prophet Has Arise4:26
9Downpressor Man5:09
10Throw Down Your Arms4:12
11Untold Stories3:40

Disc 2a: DVD bonus:

2[Going back to work]0:45
3Throw Down Your Arms1:06
4[Sly & Robby]0:46
5Marcus Garvey (demo)1:59
6[Kingston, Jamaica]0:16
7He Prayed (demo)1:32
8[Tuff Gong]1:09
9Untold Stories (demo)1:26
10[The Musicians]0:46
11War (demo)2:13
2CD Aujourd'hui2:07

Disc 2b: Version Dub:

2Jah Nuh Dead (dub version)3:12
3Marcus Garvey (dub version)3:29
4Door Peep (dub version)3:19
5He Prayed (dub version)3:28
6Y Mas Gan (dub version)3:51
7Curly Locks (dub version)4:18
8Vampire (dub version)4:01
9Prophet Has Arise (dub version)4:24
10Downpressor Man (dub version)5:08
11Throw Down Your Arms4:12
dub version
12Untold Stories (dub version)3:42
13War (dub version)4:06
14Move Out a Babylone (dub version)3:20
15Shedroc (dub version)3:57
16Jah Can Count on I (dub version)3:26

Catalog Information

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2006.09.30FR 2xCD+DVD

That's Why There's Chocolate and Vanilla RWXCD51

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digipack + slipcase in a slipcover
2xCD+DVD slipcase front, FR
2xCD+DVD slipcase back, FR
2xCD+DVD promo sticker, FR
2xCD+DVD bonus disc sleeve front, FR
2xCD+DVD bonus disc sleeve back, FR
2xCD+DVD bonus disc, DVD side, FR
2xCD+DVD bonus disc, CD side, FR

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