Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Why Don't You Love Me Anymore”

by John Grant

Composed by John Grant

4 versions


Pale Green Ghosts album

5:49 NIVOLT remix

This version doesn't appear to have Sinéad on it, because the chorus where she echoes the lyrics has been dropped.

Pale Green Ghosts album

7:40 Bon Homme remix

Pale Green Ghosts album

3:58 G R E A T W A V E S remix

Pale Green Ghosts album


(Source: as heard)

My friends all say that you're no good,
That you're not fit to shine my shoes.
They say that you are not the caliber of man
That I deserve to have.
Well, I don't know that much about guns,
But I feel like I've been shot by one.
I am ashamed 'cause I don't know myself right now,
And I am forty-three.
The knowledge that I can't be what you need
Is cutting off my air supply.
And yet, this information has not reached my heart,
And that's why I still try.
They say that I should go outside more,
And drink lots of water all the time.
But that does not seem to be working,
'Cause you still have not come back to me.
Why don't you love me anymore?
Tell me why don't you love me anymore?
I feel like telling everyone to fuck off all the time,
'Cause they don't know.
I keep expecting Woody Allen to come out
From those dark shadows.
I watched Jane Eyre last night
And thought about which road would work the best for me.
My mind is tired, and all I'm doing now
Is worrying my friends and family.
Why (why) don't you (don't you) love me (love me) anymore (anymore)?
Tell me why (why) don't you (don't you) love me (love me) anymore (anymore)?
Just in case (just in case) you didn't (didn't) hear me (hear me) ask before (ask before),
Tell me why (why) don't you (don't you) love me (love me) anymore (anymore)?

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