Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography


by Max

Composed by Ian Cassemir/John Reynolds/Kevin Moon.E.

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Silence Running album


(Source: Silence Running)

Will you ever get enough
Of twilight colour
Dawn and dusk
That falls upon the crowded street
Where the traffic light run deep
This place is yours is yours my brave
The place you choose to go
When twilight shine
Through this time
When the midnight calls us here
Signs are buzzin' everywhere
Like the towers open face
Like the sky is out of place
And right there where the lovers meet
And feel the ground beneath their feet
And the windows are lit
And teh streets are high
50 miles of light
When twilight shine
Through this time
See the twilight shine
Through this time
And in the room where the lovers meet
They look out and they see
Over 50 miles of city
Over 50 miles of bright light
Moving out across the night
Better hurry it's twilight
Better move it to twilight

Produced by Trevor Horn

(Source: Silence Running)


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