Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Path to Zero”

by Jonathan Elias

Composed by Jonathan Elias

1 version

11:59 ensemble


(Source: as heard)

Search on, man.
Godspeed, forgive you.
Moonshine night, mountain village
Insane in the woods, in the deep trees.
Under the moon, beneath the stars
They reel and dance,
The youngfolk, led to the lake by a king and queen.
Oh, I want to be there, I want us to be there
Beside the lake, beneath the moon,
Cool and swollen, dripping its hot liquor.
Frozen moment by a lake, a knife has been stolen,
The death of the snake.
I know the impossible sea, when the dogs bark.
I am a death bird, naughty night bird.
I want to forgive you, forgive you.
There's a belief by the children of man which states,
"All will be well."
Search on, man, calm savior,
Veteran of wars, incalculable greed.
Search on, man, calm savior,
Godspeed, and forgive you.
Morning star, fragrant meadow person girl.
Oooh, oh angel,
Oh, angel changing,
Oh, yeah.
(more sounds of Bono being strangled)
Waiting for lovers,
Waiting for love.
They're coming for us,
Don't you...


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