Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Middle of the Island”

by Christy Moore

Composed by Nigel Rolfe

1 version


Voyage album


(Source: Voyage)

Everybody knew and nobody said,
A week ago last Tuesday,
She was just fifteen years
When she reached her full bloom.
She went to a grotto
In a field,
In the middle of the island
To deliver herself.
She died,
Her baby died
A week ago last Tuesday.
It was a sad, slow, stupid death for them both,
Everybody knew,
Nobody said.
A week ago last Tuesday,
At a grotto
In a field,
In the middle of the island.

Produced by Dónal Lunny

(Source: Voyage)


(Source: Voyage)

Dónal Lunny keyboards (Prophet)
Declan Sinnott electric slide guitar
Christy Moore vocals
Sinéad O'Connor vocals

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