Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography


by Various Artists

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Sounds of the Millennium promo album
1Shane MacGowan on The Dubliners1:12 Shane MacGowan 2Johnny Marr on Phil Spector1:01 Johnny Marr 3Des'ree on Stevie Wonder0:57 Des'ree 4Vladimir Ashkenazy on Strauss0:53 Vladimir Ashkenazy 5Tanita Tikaram on Nina Simone1:07 Tanita Tikaram 6Neil Hannon on Mack the Knife1:25 Neil Hannon 7David McAlmont on Quincy Jones0:26 David McAlmont 83D on Public Image Limited's Death Disco0:26 3D 9Jools Holland on Ray Charles0:57 Jools Holland 10Sinéad O'Connor on Bob Marley0:58

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