Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“I'm Not Your Baby”

by U2

Composed by U2

1 version


The End of Violence soundtrack album
Collaborations compilation album


(Source: The End of Violence)

It's a beautiful day today.
Everything is going my way.
Event the words are doin' what I say.
Oh, to get away
To be impossible.
It isn't that difficult.
In the city you're invisible
When you come from a small town.
Everything is allright,
Everything is allright,
I'm not your baby.
A tourist in a trafficjam,
Babysham, Handycam.
I'm not your mother you're not my man
And I'm not your baby.
Don't treat me like I'm a trick;
I won't treat you like you're a prick.
Don't need a doctor; I'm not ill.
I'm not your baby.
Everything is allright,
Everything is allright,
I'm not your baby...please.
Cut out the poetry; let's hit the main artery.
No time for a tournequay; let the colours all
Run out of me.
You brought me all kinds o goods.
Now my heart is so full up it hurts.
It's heavy as a shopping bag
Full of things I should give back.
Everything is allright,
Everything is allright,
I'm not your baby...please.
This feels so good, feels so good,
Feels so alone,
Not dizzie, just busy.
Didn't drink nothin' fizzy.
No pills to feel easy.
Don't know what got in to me.
Daylight a kinda robbery, the night is your
You're not white; you're pink and rosy.
You could be right but you're way above me.
I'm in recovery, a star of pornography.
I'm a tourist; there's a lot to see.
You don't like the photographs of me.
So you've got a lot to say.
You don't sleep around, but sometimes you stray.
You don't believe; oftentimes you pray
For something...what is it, babe?
Don't treat me like like I'm a prick;
I won't treat you like you're a trick
Don't need a doctor I'm not ill,
I'm not your baby.
I'm not your baby.
I'm not your baby.


Collectors should note that there is another version of this song, called "I'm Not Your Baby (Skysplitter dub)" on non-US versions of U2's 1997 single "Please," but it's an instrumental remix. Since Sinéead neither sings on it nor wrote it, it's not included here as an alternate version.


The name of a portable video camera model made by Sony starting in the 1990s.


A misspelling of "tourniquet" (a device for constricting the flow of blood in a limb by compressing it), spelled like it sounds.

Produced by Howie B. and Flood

(Source: The End of Violence)


(Source: best guess)

Sinéad O'Connor vocals
Bono vocals
The Edge guitars
Larry Mullen, Jr. drums
Adam Clayton bass


Engineered by Mark "Spike" Stent Assisted by Rob Kirwan Mixed by Howie B. Assisted by Paul Falcone at the Hit Factory, NY Vocal production by Steve Osborne Published by PolyGram International Music Publishing B.V., except Blue Mountain Music (UK), Mother Music (Ireland), Taiyo Music Inc. (Japan) Courtesy of Island Records, Inc., by arrangement with PolyGram Film & TV Licensing Sinéad O'Connor appears courtesy of Chrysalis Records Limited (P) 1997 Island Records, Inc.

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