Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Illegal Attacks (feat. Sinéad O'Connor)”

by Ian Brown

Composed by Ian Brown/Tim Wills/Rob Maxfield

7 versions


Illegal Attacks” single
The World Is Yours album

4:09 radio edit

Illegal Attacks” single

4:07 video version

Identical to the radio edit, except the "fuck" in the first line is not edited out.

Sister Rose” single

5:04 Sway Soldier Story

Illegal Attacks” single

4:31 Sway Soldier remix

Illegal Attacks” single

Propaganda mix

Illegal Attacks” single

6:15 Rufige Kru remix

Illegal Attacks” single


(Source: The World Is Yours)

So what the fuck is this, UK?
Gunnin' with this US of A
In Iraq and Iran and in Afghanistan?
Does not a day go by
Without the Israeli Air Force
Fail to drop it' s bombs from the sky?
How many mothers to cry?
How many sons have to die?
How many missions left to fly over Palestine?
'Cause as a matter of facts,
It's a pact, it's an act.
These are illegal attacks,
So bring the soldiers back.
These are illegal attacks.
It's contracts for contacts.
I'm singing concrete facts,
So bring the soldiers back.
So tell me just how come were the Taliban
Sat burning incense in Texas,
Roaming round in a Lexus,
Sittin' on six billion oil drums.
Down with the Dow Jones, up on the Nasdaq.
Pushed into the war zones.
It's a commercial crusade
'Cause all the oil men get paid,
And only so many soldiers come home.
It's a commando crusade,
A military charade,
And only so many soldiers come home.
Soldiers, soldiers, come home.
Soldiers, come home.
Through all the blood and sweat,
Nobody can forget
It ain't the size of the dog in the fight,
It's the size of the fight in the dog on the day or the night.
There's no time to reflect
On the threat, the situation, the bark nor the bite.
These are commercial crusades,
'Cos all the oil men get paid.
These are commando crusades,
Commando tactical rape.
And from the streets of New York and Baghdad to Tehran and Tel Aviv,
Bring forth the prophets of the Lord
From dirty bastards fillin' pockets
With the profits of greed.
These are commercial crusades,
Commando tactical raids,
Playin' military charades to get paid.
And who got the devils?
And who got the Lords?
Build yourself a mountain--drink up in the fountain.
Soldiers, come home.
Soldiers, come home.
Soldiers, come home.
Soldiers, come home.


The deluxe edition of The World Is Yours also features an orchestral version of "Illegal Attacks," but because Sinéad's vocals aren't on it, nor is she credited as a cowriter, I don't include it as a collectible version.

Produced by Black Ops

(Source: The World Is Yours)

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(Source: The World Is Yours)

Sinéad O'Connor vocals
Ian Brown vocals
Tim Wills guitar , programming
Matt Pegg guitar
Maxi drums , programming
Jackie Shave principal violin
Perry Montague-Mason second violin
Patrick Kiernan violin
Boguslav Kostecki violin
Chris Tombling violin
Warren Zielinski violin
Mark Berrow violin
Liz Edwards violin
Emlyn Singleton violin
Dave Woodcock violin
Pete Lale principal viola
Bruce White viola
Rachel Bolt viola
Julian Leaper violin
Jonathan Rees violin
Cathy Thompson violin
Tom Piggott-Smith violin
Chris Lawrence principal double bass
Mary Scully double bass
Martin Loveday principal cello
Dave Daniels cello
Caroline Dale cello
Ben Chapell cello
Skaila Kanga harp
Garfield Jackson viola
Richard Watkins french horn
Mike Thompson french horn
Bill Lockhart timpani

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