Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Hard Sun”

by Sunhouse

Composed by Gavin Clark

2 versions


Crazy on the Weekend album

3:35 edit

Hard Sun” promo single


(Source: Crazy on the Weekend)

The city lights flick to display.
Bang! There goes another day.
The believers in the basement,
They are singing songs about a way
To be reborn and regenerate,
But none of this communicates to me.
Up here on the second floor,
I've forgotten what I'm waiting for--
A friend, a brother, mother, woman? Maybe,
But I have all these in this sulphate,
Emotionless and considerate to me.
The silver clock chimes off again,
Reminds me of my childhood pain.
And the burden that was lifted
When I made it to the city,
Disillusioned and full of hate,
But a member of the mother state, and free.
At empty walls I sit and stare.
I sense a feeling in the air,
In the throws throes of thought I wonder,
"Can I make it on my own?"
But deep down in my heart, I know
That I ain't never, ever going home.
And it's
A hard sun,
A hard sun,
That's been beating on my back.
It's a hard sun
That shines its light on me.


(Source: Crazy on the Weekend)

Sinéad O'Connor backing vocals
Caroline Dale string section
Carol Isaacs piano
John Reynolds drums
Source: Crazy on the Weekend

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