Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“The Foggy Dew (feat. Sinéad O'Connor)”

by The Chieftains

Traditional, arranged by Nigel Rolfe

(Source: The Long Black Veil)

4 versions


The Long Black Veil album
The Long Black Veil (Sampler) sampler
The Essential Chieftains compilation album


video version

The Long Black Veil album


The Long Black Veil (Sampler) sampler


Slightly edited from the studio version.

The Wide World Over: A 40 Year Celebration compilation album


Liner notes

This song was written in tribute to the men who died in the Easter uprising.

Paddy Moloney (Source: The Long Black Veil)

Produced by Paddy Moloney

(Source: The Long Black Veil)

Videos and Sound Clips


(Source: The Long Black Veil)

Sinéad O'Connor vocals
Tommy Igoe drums
Ry Cooder electric guitar , mandolla , floor slide
Carlos Nuñez gaitha (Galician pipes)
Martin Fay fiddle
Seán Keane fiddle
Kevin Conneff bodhrán , vocals
Matt Molloy flute
Paddy Moloney Uillean pipes , tin whistle
Derek Bell harp , tiompán , keyboards

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