Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Drink Before the War”

Composed by Sinéad O'Connor

1 version


The Lion and the Cobra album
Mandinka” single
Drink Before the War” promo single
Sinéad O'Connor compilation album
Alle 30 Goed compilation album
Trente Hits Incontournables compilation album
All the Best compilation album


(Source: The Lion and the Cobra)

Well, you tell us that we're wrong
And you tell us not to sing our song.
Nothing we can say can make you see,
You've got a heart of stone;
You can never feel.
You say, "Oh, I'm not afraid; it can't happen to me.
I've lived my life as a good man.
Whoa, no, you're out of your mind, it won't happen to me,
'Cause I've carried my weight and I've been a strong man."
Listen to the man at the liquor store,
He yelling, "Anybody want a drink before the war?"
And your parents paid you through.
You got a nice, big car; nothing bothers you.
Somebody cut out your eyes; you refuse to see.
Ah, somebody cut out your heart; you refuse to feel.
And you live in a shell, you create your own hell.
You live in the past and talk about war.
And you dig your own grave, yeah,
But it's a life you can save,
So stop getting fussed; it's not gonna happen.
And you'll cry, but you'll never fall, no, no, no,
You're building a wall.
Gotta break it down and start again.
No, no, no, it won't happen to us.
We've lived our lives; basically, we've been good men.
So stop talking of war
'Cause we've heard it all before.
Why don't you go out there and do something useful?
Oh, listen to the man at the liquor store,
He yelling, "Anybody wanna a drink before the war?"
"Anybody wanna a drink before the war?"
Ah, "Anybody wanna a drink before the war?"
Ah, ow,
Ah, ah, yeah, oh-ah, ah-oo.


drink before the war:

According to the Wikipedia entry for a novel named after this song, the phrase was used in a 1975 episode of the British TV show Fawlty Towers, although its use probably predates the show.


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