Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography


by Max

Composed by Kevin Moon.E./Leslie Winer/Marco Pirroni

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Silence Running album


(Source: Silence Running)

Ah well; well well my girl
You're not connected no
To the physical world
Angel dreams green
Blowing out of control
In Spanish Maine crystal
See the diamonds roll
A blue copper scope
Inside a paper globe
Black hair and blonde hair in love
More alive
Naked in the forest
Love to lover's eyes
A game of chess
Touch me
They take a long drive
Music in the car in the summer
Ah well; well well my girl
You're not connected
To the physical world
Six o'clock wind
White shirt in the twilight
The sun on the lake
Embrace deep in the night
A leather on the water's edge
Bright starlight
A house made of wood
And two lovers
They go out to some place
To spend the whole night
Where it is so loud
Place called the blue light
Back up in the world
Nitro dynamite
Walk across teh floor
Music and the lights
Memory unload
She became Bonny Parker
She dance so fast
With Dutch Schultz as a partner
Talk to her friends
Who are the forty thieves
Never stole in her whole life
Had no need
You're not connected
You're not connected
To your heart.

Produced by Jeremy Green

(Source: Silence Running)


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