Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

“Black Is the Colour”

Traditional, arranged by Brian McFadden/Sinéad O'Connor

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Brian McFadden:
Black is the colour of my true love's hair.
Her lips are like some roses fair.
She's the sweetest smile, and the gentlest hands.
I love the ground whereon she stands.
I love my love and well he knows.
I love the ground whereon he goes.
I wish the day soon would come
When he and I will be as one.
I go to Clyde and I mourn and weep,
For satisfied I never have been.
I write her a letter, just a few short lines.
And suffer death a thousand times.
And black is the colour (black is the colour)
Of my true love's hair (of my true love's hair).
Her lips are like (oh, his lips are like)
Some roses fair (some roses fair).
The sweetest smile (he's the sweetest smile),
The gentlest hands (and the gentlest hands),
And I love the ground (I love the ground)
Whereon she stands (whereon he stands).
Black is the colour of my true love's hair.



The River Clyde, which flows through Glasgow in Scotland.

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