Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Paul Brady: The Vicar St. Sessions, Vol. 1 album

1I Want You to Want Me6:11
2Baloney Again6:05
3The Soul Commotion4:00
4Nobody Knows6:07
5Believe in Me4:36
6In This Heart
Sinéad O'Connor
7Irish Heartbeat5:20
8Not the Only One5:15
9Don't Go Far4:48
10The Long Goodbye4:00
11Last Seen October 9th4:30
12The World Is What You Make It4:54
13Forever Young:4:38

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2015.04.27EU LP


2015.04.27EU CD

Prosper PRPCD128

CD front, EU
CD inside 1 4, EU
CD inside 2 3, EU
CD booklet front back, EU
CD booklet 2 3, EU
CD booklet 4 5, EU
CD booklet 6 7, EU
CD booklet 8 9, EU
CD booklet 10 11, EU
CD booklet 12 13, EU
CD booklet 14 15, EU
CD booklet 16 17, EU
CD booklet 18 19, EU
CD back, EU
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CD disc, EU
2015.04.27EU DD


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