Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Andy White: Rare compilation album

1In Fairness Boss
2Bobby Moore
3Here Come the Girls
42nd Class Deliverance
5Religious Persuasion5:32
Sinéad O'Connor
demo version
6The Walking Wounded
7She'll Get Over Loving You
8Cry Baby Cry
9There Were Roses
10Marion Girl
11Crazy Stuff
12A Girl I Once Knew Now Invisible
13Because She Loves It
14I Wouldn't Lie for You
15Cinnamon Sofa
16Six String Street 30 MPH
17Some of the Things I Can Bring
18The Celtic Tiger Roars

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1999.?UK CD

Laughing Outlaw LORCD 090

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2001.08.06DE CD

Hypertension: The Art of Music 1207 HYP

Barcode: 4011586120729

jewel case
CD front, DE
CD booklet 2-3, DE
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CD booklet 6-7, DE
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