Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Various Artists: “Married to the Mob” soundtrack album

A1/1Jump in the River (early version)4:03
Sinéad O'Connor
A2/2Bizarre Love Triangle3:56
New Order
A3/3Suspicion of Love4:01
Chris Isaak
A4/4Liar Liar3:01
Debbie Harry
A5/5Time Bums4:36
Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers
B1/6Devil Does Your Dog Bite?3:41
Tom Tom Club
B2/7Goodbye Horses3:08
Q. Lazzarus
B3/8Queen of Voudou3:40
The Voodooist Corporation
B4/9Too Far Gone3:34
The Feelies
B5/10You Don't Miss Your Water3:46
Brian Eno

Catalog Information

Release DateCatalog InfoBuy It
1988.08.?US LP

Reprise 9 25763-1

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1988.08.?US CD

Reprise 25796-9

Barcode: 075992576321

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jewel case
CD front, US
CD booklet 2-3, US
CD booklet back, US
CD back, US
CD disc, US
1988.08.?US CS

Reprise 4-25763

Barcode: 075992576345

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1988.?IL LP

Reprise BAN 925763-1

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