Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Damien Dempsey: Almighty Love album

2Almighty Love3:47
3Chris and Stevie5:58
4Born without Hate5.59
Damien Dempsey with Kate Tempest
5Bustin outta Here5:42
6Fire in the Glen4:47
7Canadian Geese4.56
8The Good and the Great6.46
11You're the Cure12.10
After a couple minutes of silence, "Maasai Returns" (from Music of Ireland: Welcome Home) plays. Moya Brennan sings background vocals, even though it sounds kind of like Sinéad.

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2012.09.28IE CD

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2012.10.01UK CD

Independent Records

Produced by John Reynolds


Sinead O'Connor was over in Kilburn doin a few gigs and John played her a couple of tracks. She had some ideas and sang over a few of the songs like "Bustin Outa Here" (which is about standing up for yourself or breaking away from abusive relationships whether they be with partners or parents or substances or so called friends or bosses). She did some amazing singing on this one with John guiding her. There's a part in the song about the sun rising within yourself and the singing she does is like the sun rising. It blew me mind when I heard it. And she sings on "Chris and Stevie" as well, a ballad I wrote about suicide and the experiences I've had with it. The song carries a message for people contemplating it. Sinead's voice is like clear flowing mountain water on it. She sang on a Scottish song called "Fire in the Glen", a big hard hitter that anywhere I sing it in the world, people want to learn. So we decided to stick it on the album because of the reaction it always gets.

Them 3 songs are definitely musical orgasm songs I reckon. They'll give many people the goosebumps, fingers crossed. To sing with Sinead again is a huge thrill. I played guitar on one of the tracks on her new album that she done with John here in his house, a song called "Take off your Shoes" and lamb of devine suffering Jaysus the song would blow the roof off the Vatican.

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