Thank You for Hearing Me: The Definitive Sinéad O'Connor Discography

Dolly Parton: The Acoustic Collection: 1999-2002 compilation album

Disc 1: The Grass Is Blue:

1Travelin' Prayer4:16
2Cash On The Barrelhead3:08
3A Few Old Memories
4I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open3:04
5Steady As The Rain3:05
6I Still Miss Someone3:37
7Endless Stream Of Tears2:39
8Silver Dagger4:54
9Train, Train2:50
10I Wonder Where You Are Tonight3:13
11Will He Be Waiting For Me3:25
12The Grass Is Blue3:44
13I Am Ready2:44

Disc 2: Little Sparrow:

1Little Sparrow4:13
3I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby3:02
4My Blue Tears3:02
5Seven Bridges Road3:29
6Bluer Pastures4:10
7A Tender Lie3:44
8I Get A Kick Out Of You2:30
9Mountain Angel6:51
10Marry Me3:17
11Down From Dover5:09
12The Beautiful Lie2:34
13In The Sweet By And By3:53
14Little Sparrow Reprise1:36

Disc 3: Halos and Horns:

1Halos and Horns3:35
2Sugar Hill2:52
3Not For Me3:21
4Hello God3:01
6Shattered Image3:30
7These Old Bones5:39
8What A Heartache4:18
9I'm Gone5:10
10Raven Dove3:37
11Dagger Through The Heart3:54
12If Only3:40
13John Daniel5:03
14Stairway to Heaven6:31

Disc 4: bonus DVD:

1Seven Bridges Road (new vocal mix)
2Travelin' Prayer (new vocal mix)
3Train, Train (instrumental mix)
4Shine (instrumental mix)
5I'm Gone (instrumental mix)
6Little Sparrow
Kasey Chambers
7Dagger Through the Heart4:25
Sinéad O'Connor
audio, even though it's on the DVD

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2006.10.10US 3xCD+DVD


Barcode: 015891400822

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